Welcome to the Music Studio of Shelbi Herndon! 

What age do you teach?
ALL AGES! Everyone including children, college students, and grandparents! There is no age limit. If you have a very young child, please contact me so we can decide at what point he/she is ready to begin lessons. 

Music improves your life, your body, and your mood - so, everyone can benefit from it!

What type of lessons do you teach?
Voice and beginning to moderately advanced piano. I also tutor theory, diction, performance practices and tips, and stage presence.

What genres of music do you teach?
For voice lessons, I teach gospel, jazz, classical (opera, oratorio, art song,) and just about everything in between. For piano, I combine theory, ear training, and piano playing for the student to be able to read music. The piano lessons increase in difficulty as the student's understanding of piano, theory, and ear training increase. Piano lessons can be as simple as teaching a child to read music and play in the church or home or can prepare a student to be a music major or concert pianist. The possibilities are endless! All lessons can be tailored to fit each individual student's needs; one does not have to want to be a famous opera singer to take voice lessons or play a piano sonata to take piano lessons. Whatever your goals are, I can easily teach to accommodate them.

For pricing and other questions please feel free to email me at shelbi.herndon@gmail.com